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Hundreds of miles of transmission line right of way, pipeline or other infrastructure can be patrolled or inspected in a day. Power utility districts, and other industrial companies all benefit from helicopters to provide an efficient platform to gather information, imaging and data.  Our fleet can easily access otherwise hard-to-reach locations with minimal impact on the environment. Aerial access allows us to place equipment anywhere, even in difficult terrain.  We have a diverse set of utility services including powerline patrol & Inspection, power pole setting, lightning arrestor install, crew transport, emergency response, tower construction, line maintenance, installing spacers, marker balls, bird discouragers and anti-galloping, transport of equipment, concrete and matting, and post-construction inspection services.  From setting poles or erecting towers-to pulling sock lines and finalizing conductors, we expedite the movement and development of Alaska’s infrastructure.

Another day deep in interior Alaska...
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When the road ends, our helicopters are capable of light lift work delivering your equipment, tools, products and materials with maximum efficiency. Precision vertical reference techniques can be utilized for load placement in varying terrains and remote sites with longlines up to 250 feet in length and carrying loads up to 2600lbs. We realize the importance of consistently delivering efficient and safe longline flying to our customers. Our vertical reference pilots are seasoned professionals, highly experienced in planning, executing and trouble shooting external load lift jobs.  This use of a helicopter can exponentially increase our customer’s productivity with:

Utility Power Line Support, Natural Resource Rehabilitation, Remote Worksite Supply, Remote Lodge / Ranch Support, Trail Building Support, Remote Repeater Site Support, Log Landing Support, Wildland Fire Water Buckets, Wildland Fire Cargo Support




From dropping water and retardant to carrying cargo and crews, Alpha’s fire fighting capabilities are extensive.  Ensuring our forests are protected from wildfires, we offer experienced support to assist in forest fire suppression. Our helicopters are well-suited for numerous fire suppression applications, including long-line water-bucketing, long-line logistics support, and fire rehabilitation.  Our fire suppression missions include 72 to 240 gallon Bambi water buckets and 50 to 250 foot longlines with remote hooks.  We are prepared with experience to offer support in fire suppression throughout the state .  Alpha’s pilots are able to drop suppressants and retardants in a variety of ways to best meet the needs of the ground firefighters.  We are proud to serve our community by protecting National Forests as well as private and public lands.







Alpha Aviation is dedicated to the amazing beauty and ruggedness of Alaska’s vast terrains.  We help nurture our state’s environmental success by land management practices in logging and habitat enhancements and stream restorations. Our helicopters provide flexibility to log, place or deliver logs of all sizes, land management support, placement of large trees and debris, habitat improvement and restoration, stream improvement and restoration.  Alaskan soil is our home and we are proud to be Alaskans.  Our land management and restoration support employs aerial mapping and survey, road mapping & planning, aerial tree seedling delivery, aerial fertilizing, and aerial seeding.



Travel in style from the pick up/drop off location of your choice, or upgrade your next taxi ride to the airport. Make your dream hunting trip a reality with transportation to remote game areas and hunting lodges. Let us transport you to a remote area for your next river rafting trip. Planning to propose? Make your engagement or arrival at the altar a moment to remember.  Plan your own Alaskan mountain tour by air.  We are dedicated to our clients in offering the highest quality standards of service and safety. Regardless of whether you are a businessman or contract worker, or whether your special event needs airborne services, Alpha will certainly meet your expectations.  Special events, commercial airline hub transfers, wilderness lodge air taxi, remote worksite crew shuttle, mountaintop repeater support, executive & corporate transport, production & movie location scouting, and more.


We provide our customers with a variety of support services in the Last Frontier of Alaska.  Alpha can mobilize our helicopters to ensure we are positioned to support forestry operations across the state of Alaska.  Forest management,  silviculture support, wildlife counts & telemetry, crew & camp moves, and aerial surveys offer support to our state’s forestry department and local businesses.  The strength and durability of our fleet can cruise timber sales, determine boundaries, survey bug kill to trees or other environmental damage and assess watershed health that may not be visible from the ground. Thousands of acres of forest land can be flown over in a day, drastically enhancing the foresters, scientists or biologists productivity.  We can help with timber survey & cruising, ice & snow damage survey, forest health assessment, bug kill aerial survey, watershed survey, erosion control survey, right of way survey, road mapping & planning, and helicopter snow pack survey.







Helicopters is the preferred choice for wildlife and environment support programs across Alaska’s great frontier.  Biologists utilize our helicopters and experienced pilots for fish and wildlife studies and census surveys. Utilizing manned rotorcraft, thousands of acres or hundreds of miles of river drainages can be covered in a day benefiting the customer both with efficiency and cost effectiveness.  Our state requires precision flying and terrific aptitude to support the fish and wildlife populations throughout Alaska. Our environment and wildlife services include wildlife tracking and monitoring, precision long lining and slinging, environmental and wildlife surveys, environmental cleanup, crew transport, and camp moves.





From the vast expanse of Alaska, Alpha has operated in the most demanding of environments, providing a range of services in support of the oil and gas industry.  Our capabilities allow us to perform a multitude of tasks, including logistical support of isolated facilities, pipeline construction, lifting of internal, external and oversized loads, personnel transport, precision longline and the movement of heavy equipment, large drill rigs, and pipeline infrastructure.  Our pilots have a working background and experience in mountainous and arctic locations throughout Alaska.  We can compliment and ensure success for all your project needs from pipeline Inspection, maintenance support, equipment lifts/moves, material transfers, well-site support, crew & camp moves, offshore oil & gas rig support.










The challenging takeoffs, landings, terrain, and weather for which Alaska is known unfortunately claims several aircraft every year. Alpha's salvage team is made up of competent and skilled mechanics and pilots who work diligently to recover valuable assets. They go safely, efficiently, and effectively to destinations of past and potential peril and accomplish the amazing. We are able to recover aircraft, snow machines, boats, atvs, and other motorized and power equipment. Please call for estimates.







We can provide you with all the helicopter support that you may require for your mining operation and exploration with our experienced long-line mountain pilots.  Mineral exploration methods vary at different stages of the process but our pilots are skilled in vertical reference and slinging experience in all seasons.  Our mining and exploration services can start from the initial survey and continue to build custom agendas to include air support for established exploration camps, work force transport, mining and camp moves, bulk fuel hauls, specialty operations, equipment lifts and moves, diamond and seismic drill placement, and all field support for your exploration program.

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Call us for all for your special requests and we will try everything possible to make it work.

Over the years our operations have grown and flourished, expanding both organically and through a series of acquisitions and reorganizations.  Alpha’s helicopter services enable our clients to reach beyond.  We have an exceptional resume of talent, passion and experience to take on your special project with determination and success.




Capture the very best shots from a bird's eye view with custom aerial photography flights with Alpha Aviation. We offer our clients a welcome platform for the most astounding and breathtaking photography in our nation. Whether you need to take close range shots or do more distant photography, our trained pilots and crewmen will attend to your specific needs with the same kind of professional dedication.  We provide aerial photography flights both for professional productions or the photo enthusiast looking to capture stunning pictures from the air.  Aerial photo flights are carried out for a wide range of reasons, such as LiDAR mapping or surveying a particular region, general landscape photography, or real estate marketing and other general marketing purposes.







Alaska is a hallmark destination for filmmakers and photographers alike.  Aerial film work requires excellent aircrew and film-crew collaboration.  With thousands of flying hours between our team you’ll be guaranteed to get the very best result.  When choosing Alpha Aviation you or your company will partner with us in feature films and television shows, documentaries, commercials, music videos, extreme ski films, and local news reporting.  We are able to accommodate Cineflex systems to deliver world class aerial footage.  We are completely focused on offering you an unparalleled experience. Guaranteed!






If you’ve wanted to fish that remote river or travel into the mountains for a day trip, we’ll take you there! Glaciers, alpine lakes, and mountain vistas are only minutes away.  Enjoy breathtaking views that you can only see from the unique perspective of our helicopter as you fly in to remote rivers and lakes to set up for a day of fly fishing. Fish for trout and salmon species native to our area.  Our pilot will take you to the most picturesque, remote fishing spots in Alaska.  One of our favorites is Deep Creek Fishing Club. In addition to the pleasure of fishing pristine lakes and rivers, the helicopter trip makes this an adventure you won’t soon forget. Enjoy sweeping views of glacier-capped mountains and blue rivers that you can’t find anywhere else.











Altitude awaits where deep powder lies untracked and no ski lift beckons your seat.  The spectacular adventure and unforgettable experience of heli skiing in the some of the best in the country is your unforgettable memory to take. Remote terrain, hidden gems, backcountry adventure is all a flight away.  Our pilots will take you to the best snow in our exclusive and private tour options.  Custom tours can accommodate up to 6 skiers in any of our A-star helicopters.  Never miss a powder day with us.

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